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Easter 2016 in Harpurhey

So here it is, the Easter plans for 2016.

Maundy Thursday: meeting together in our LifeGroups

Good Friday: 10:30am at HCC for a worship service.

Easter Sunday: 10am for a shared communion at Christchurch, followed by a worship service at HCC, followed by a hot lunch. We’re having a bit of cake sharing, so if you’re feeling a bit Great British Bakeoff then we’d be happy to share in your culinary creations. 


We’re all going on a HCC Summmmmer daaaay out… 

Alright, as a song it’s not that great, but the day out its advertising will be. 

On 8th August 2015 we’re meeting at church at 10am and heading up to Lytham St. Anns for a day of beach related relaxation, food, family, and fun.

Interested? Want to know more? Email us at or speak to a welcome team member today. 

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Once an Addict Event No.2

Don’t forget, Barry Woodward is speaking tonight at Sharon Church on Brendon Avenue at 7pm. 

You don’t want to miss this.

And don’t forget to #ringandbring someone!


Once an Addict

Barry Woodward, author of Once an Addict, is speaking at events at HCC, Sharon, and Christchurch on 5th-7th June 2015. 
Barry is a top speaker, engaging and hilarious, thought-provoking and challenging all at the same time. It’s going to be a top event so invite everyone you can think of. 

Plus it’s free. 

Harpurhey Community Church 5th June at 7pm.

Sharon Church 6th June at 7pm and then 10:30am on the 7th June.

Christchurch at 6:30pm on the 7th June. 

Need more info? Drop us an email on


Easter Sunday: HE IS RISEN!

Just a reminder for you, this Sunday is Easter Sunday and we kick off our celebrations with our friends at Christchurch at 10am for a communion and celebration then we all come over to HCC for a baptism celebration service followed by a family meal. Sound good? Why not share the love and invite a friend?

Easter 2015 at HCC

Here is the Easter programme for HCC.

Maundy Thursday

Small, simple communion in LifeGroups. Open groups to be announced. 

Good Friday

11am service at HCC followed by a church family walk at Wythenshawe Park.

Easter Sunday

10am at Christchurch for communion, followed by a celebration and baptism service at 11am at HCC. 

Soup and rolls to follow. 


This weeks stuff update

We’ve got a normal(ish) week this week at HCC. Read on for details! 

Foodbank is on Tuesday at 11am, with Open Door on at the same time. Open to anyone and everyone.

LifeGroups are back on this week, speak to your leaders for more details. 

Theres a deacons meeting at 7:30pm on Thursday at Gordon’s. 

Kidz Klub is on Saturday morning at 10am for years 3-6. Phil Brawn is the man to speak to for details. 

It’s the men’s weekend away with Christchurch this weekend too. 

And our weekly worship service starts at 10:20am on Sunday. Join us then for a free Fairtrade™ fellowship brew! 

Any amendments or updates to



This Weeks Stuff ™ (9th March 2015)

This week has a good dose of things for the ladies of HCC, plus a rather important event for everyone. 

Wednesday is the AGM at 7.30pm. It’s about everything that goes on to run the church, so it’s pretty important that everyone try and be there.

Saturday is the ladies film and Chinese food evening. Gents are not allowed, unless you’re taking down whatever Hugh Grant film they’re watching or 20 orders of sweet and sour… 

Sunday is Mother’s Day. So breakfast in bed, brews, and a day of rest for all mums. Gents: make sure that you’ve done all your organisation, otherwise Father’s Day isn’t going to go well
for you… 

All other ministries are as normal, except LifeGroup which is cancelled for the AGM. 



The 2015 Annual General Meeting

The AGM is on 11th March 2015 at 7.30pm. It’s all about how we run HCC, and if you are part of it you should try and be there. It’s proper important. And there may be biscuits. 


This Weeks Stuff™

Welcome to This Weeks Stuff™ for 2nd March 2015


Mini Eggs are now in the shops, which can only mean we’re officially in the Easter season. More details of whats going on at HCC soon. 


As for this week we’ve got on:



Dabblers at 2pm at HCC. A time of creativity and artistic expression. Open to anyone. See Jim Ward for more information.



Foodbank and the Open Door Café from 11am. Open to anyone and everyone who needs food, or just a brew and a friendly face. 



Streets Pastors are out in Moston and Harpurhey every Friday and Saturday night 7pm to midnight, and they are supported in prayer by the Prayer Pastors. If you are interested, fancy going for a night to see what its like, or want to get involved with Prayer Pastors please let us know or see Pete Gilson.



Kids Klub is on at 10.30am. For more details see Phil Brawn. 



Join us from 10.20am for fellowship, fairtrade brews, and a fantastic worship service for our fantastic God.  


Coming Soon:

On 11th March 2015 its our Annual General Meeting. Its at 7.30pm at church. If you’re a member you either need to be there or tell us youre not going to be. If youre not a member, you are still very welcome to come along! We’ve checked the football fixtures and we’re confident that we don’t have any Blackburn or Bolton fans who’d have to miss the match… 


Contact us!


If you need more information about anything, drop us an email to or drop us a message on Facebook and we will get back to you. 


If you need to add your ministry to the update, please email details such as when its on and who to contact to